Sustainable Tableware

For millenium, communities in South Asia have used leaves to create disposable plates and bowls. The leaves of the areca palm are durable and sleek. But, currently these leaves are being thrown away as an agricultural byproduct. 

We want to harvest these leaves–a valuable, sustainable resources–to create disposable tableware for U.S. markets. Plastic and paper disposables produce millions of CO2 emissions each year, cause water pollution, and destroy ecological environments. Our plates would be an eco-friendly alternative that actually sequesters carbon from our atmosphere. 

We’re partnering with friends in Nepal and India to create a ground-up commercial model. We’ll use tailored water and sanitation sensors to make sure our product meets global environmental standards. We’ll pay our workers a fair wage, and we’re building a business model so that one day our workers can buy the business back from us: putting the power and profit incentives in their hands.