Impact Framework

In collaboration with our partners and in alignment with our mission and values, we identified the following impact measures. While each measure may not fit each project, these measures are the starting point to fulfilling our mission and values.


  • How much carbon has been sequestered?
  • How much water safe-guarded or cleaned?
  • How much land preserved?


  • How many competitors have been forced to adopt our best-practices?
  • How many individuals have transitioned from poverty earnings to gainful earnings?
  • How many individuals have been trained in transferable skills? 
  • What volume of unsustainable product has been displaced by our goods? 


  • How many individuals now have access to health care and educational services?
  • How many children are now attending school?
  • How many tax dollars have been paid to the local government?
  • How many employees have received promotions that offer greater pay and additional responsibilities?
  • How many similarly aligned agencies have we provided assistance to?
  • How many employees have left our company for a better opportunity elsewhere?